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CFIB is the country’s largest organization devoted to helping businesses like yours succeed. During the pandemic, business owners have told us that they need our support more than ever; and we want to help as many of them as we can in this crisis, even if they can’t afford a membership. That’s why we’re offering you our exclusive services and benefits, at no charge, for a limited time.

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A way to influence government policies and support programs

Updates on the latest federal and provincial news affecting your business

Personalized expert advice from our business counsellors

Savings on vital business services, such as banking and payment processing 


Exclusive access to regular webinars and other tools 

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Our work has never been more important. From answering more than 78,000 calls to our Business Helpline, to successfully pushing for improvements to the government's COVID relief programs, we have been working tirelessly to ensure small businesses can survive and thrive during this crisis.